What are the basic eligibility requirement for MS in US?

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Studying Master’s in the USA has great academic value and acknowledgment globally. The procedure for admission in USA universities differs from that of Indian universities. It is better to know the exact eligibility requirements before the student applies for MS courses in the USA, as the education system there is very different from that of India. There are many universities in the USA and all of them are unique in what they offer.

Key questions that come in MS aspirants are something like- who are eligible for the ms in us? What are the academic requirements for doing Masters in the USA? What is the eligibility for MS in US? What is the admission requirements for Indian students? What are the basic entry requirement for MS in US universities? The students should know these details before planning for the higher studies.

Basic eligibility criteria for MS in the USA 

Every school has its own set of requirements. below are some basic entry requirements for a Masters degree in the USA

16 years of education completion:

In USA most of the universities seek 16 years of education completed by the student to become eligible for the graduate degree courses (MS in US and PhD). Thus a student with 10+2+ 4 year degree program10+3 year diploma + 3 year degree10+2+ 3 year degree (Indian B.Sc)+ 2 year masters (M.Sc) are valid and eligible for MS in US universities. There are also some universities accepting students with 3-year Bachelors degree.

Academic Transcript:

You need to submit a complete list of valid documents (transcripts and mark sheets) from all the educational institutes and universities been attended after high school completion to the USA universities.

Standardized Test Scores:

Appropriate test scores are required to qualify for a Masters program in the USA. A student needs to take required entrance exams(GRE, GMAT,..) & English language proficiency test(IELTS, TOEFL,.. ) for the same.

There are U.S. universities that accept students with very low or no GRE scores, while others require scores above 1,400. As India’s first language is not English, most of USA universities demand valid test scores of TOEFL and IELTS. Most of the USA universities minimum TOEFL and IELTS score demand is 79 and 6.5 band respectively. Top USA universities may require test score for TOEFL to be 100+. Usually, TOEFL score is considered by all USA universities, but IELTS is considered by few ones.

Other Documents:

Universities that offer MS in the US also consider many other factors in relation to your educational background. Some of the other parameters are the college/university you attended; your recommendations; research work and published work; extracurricular activities and work experience, if any

Other Documents May required

• Letters of recommendations.
• Work experience.
• Statement of purpose.
• Number and type of projects been done by you.
• Extra-curricular activities.
• Your college reputation.
• Class performance.

Students are recommended to refer the International Students section on university websites for more information on admission and eligibility. Also contact each department individually for their specific requirements.

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