Do university rankings really matter?

university rankings matter

Every year university rankings are updated and once they are updated, they become the talk of the town. These rankings are keenly expected by the universities as well as the prospective students who need help with the selection of the university among the deluge of choices. However, the major question that arises here is- Do the university rankings really matter? Well, the university rankings matter to some extent by virtue of the methodologies and parameters the ranking agencies use to rank the universities. It is an objective assessment of numbers based on the data collected via various resources. It gives the general idea of the university. That being said, it is not the only deciding factor when choosing the university, but it is a crucial factor that helps in making the right decision.

The major university rankings that have influenced the decision, the trends and the policies and have been very often referenced are- QS World University Rankings, Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings (THE), U.S. News & World Report, Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU) and Shanghai Academic Ranking of World Universities. These are international university ranking agencies that rank the universities on the basis of certain parameters, like academic reputation, student-faculty ratio, employer reputation, research output, citations, financial aid and international outlook. In their entirety, university rankings play an important role and are to some extent accurate.

How do university rankings really matter?

Benefits the university

The Ivy League Universities are the highly ranked universities and everyone would want to study at one of these universities to have a lucrative professional career. These universities are an irrefutable symbol of superlative global education. The high rank helps the university to attract more and more students and employers to boot. It also helps the universities to compare themselves with their peers across a few predefined parameters and subsequently improve themselves. The ranking adds to the prestige of the university.

Helps in university selection

University ranking usually plays quite an influential role in the selection of an university. While applying to universities in the US, the university ranking is one of the most important things that you consider at first. That is honestly, the right decision! The university rankings provide valuable data that help in selecting the right university amidst a deluge of options.

Access to valuable resources

Alumni are an asset and valuable resource and the high-ranking universities have stellar alumni who are leaders in their fields. These renowned alumni return to the universities to hold lectures and workshops, which is definitely fruitful both for the university and the students.

Boost your resume

A degree from a university with a higher rank will carry more value and recognition. Whether you agree or not, it is an undeniable fact! It will create an excellent initial impression and help your resume rise up the stack if everything else is equal.

Increase chances of employability

Employers, majorly the well-known ones, are more likely to hire students from the highly ranked universities. Such employers tend to visit universities with a higher rank.

High pay package

The students from the Ivy League universities and other universities with higher rank generally receive the highest pay packages. Admittedly, there are several other universities who are not in the top ranking list receive high pay packages, but the major high-earning students are from the university with high rankings.

Greater influx of international students

With the increasing number of high ranking universities in the US, there has been a substantial growth in the influx of international students as well, which has in turn, resulted in diverse demographics.

In a nutshell, university ranking should be taken into account, but it should not be the only factor that you  consider while selecting the university. It is not the golden rule; it is just a contributing factor!

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