8 Tips To Balance Your Study And Work Schedule

Studying and living abroad comes with a huge price tag. So, working part-time alongside studies is one of the best ways to fund a certain part of your study and living expenses abroad. The perks of working part-time while studying are aplenty.

It not only helps in meeting your everyday expenses, but also provides experiences and skills that add a great value to your resume and makes you stand out among the other candidates. A follow-up question to this is how to balance your study and part-time work life abroad?

Balancing studies and part-time work life abroad for students can be a bit challenging. And in the midst of it, maintaining social life is also important. So, to juggle it all, here are a few things you can do.

1. Time management and self discipline is the key

There is a lot on the plate of a student who is working part-time alongside studies, like the completion of assignments, studying for exams, part-time workload, etc. But as they say, “You can have it all, but not all at once”.

It is important to prioritize your task and manage your time effectively. The primary objective is “to study”, so dedicate the maximum amount of time for studying- can be early morning, evening or weekends. Prepare a schedule/time table and follow it to the core. Do not procrastinate as it may lead to heavy workload and increased stress.

2. Consider part-time work near to your accommodation or university

One of the best ways to balance study and part-time work life abroad is by taking up part-time work near your accommodation or university. This will save your travel time which can be used for studying and other activities.

3. Do not compromise on your health

Nothing is more important than Health. To balance study and part-time work life, it is important to maintain a good health. You need to get good sleep as sleep deprivation can lead to irreversible health problems, which in turn will hamper your study schedule and be a hindrance to your workplace.

Studies have proved that “Sleep has a profound impact on memory and learning”. So, take time out from your schedule to relax and unwind yourself. Another important part of health is diet. For students, it is important to have a balanced diet that will provide you sufficient energy to handle multiple tasks and balance study and part-time work life smoothly.

4. Be realistic

Every student would like to have extra cash, but working beyond capacity and for extended hours while studying will have an adverse effect on your studies as well as health. Before starting part-time work, discuss with your employer the number of hours you have to work each week and also hand over the employer the copy of your class schedule.

Accept the number of hours that are doable on your university timetable. Many a times, your studies will take precedence, especially during the exam time. So, apprise your employer about the same in advance that you will need more time during this period. This will show your truthfulness and commitment towards studies as well as work, a gesture that may help you in the long-run.

5. Penciling in “Me-time” once in a while is important

Personal downtime is important. Cut yourself some slack. Take some time off for yourself. Spend time with family or friends, dine out at your favorite restaurant, catch a latest flick or indulge in some fun activity. All this will get you charged up and refreshed for your hectic schedule ahead and keep you sane.

6. Focus is the mantra

Students today get easily distracted by chatting on mobile phones, scrolling through tweets or Instagram or checking out Facebook feed for the thousandth time that day. These are the distractions that hamper the study and workplace productivity. At the end of the day, when the assigned work or university assignment is not done as per the schedule, this will increase your stress levels. So, focus is crucial element to complete the assigned work and maintain a balance. If you have a couple of hours in hand before your part-time work shift begins, it is wise to dedicate that time finishing your assignment paper or studying one chapter.

7. Tackle problems creatively or seek help

If you are struggling with your university timetable or grades, or work schedule at the workplace, speak up. It is a known fact that juggling part-time work life when you are studying is not a piece of cake. Few problems are bound to happen. So, to balance it out, it is important to tackle problems creatively or by seeking help from people.

Talk to your professor, mentor or boss and figure out a solution, rather than getting things piled up and making it worse by not solving. If you have an assignment deadline or exam time, talk to your boss and request them to cut back your work hours a bit so that you can concentrate on your study as well as work without worrying about anything.

Balancing study and part-time work life abroad is difficult and overwhelming, but it demonstrates that you can multi-task and possess transferable skills that will be beneficial in your long-term career.

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