7 Ways Studying In USA Improves Your Career Prospects

improve career prospects

Most employers believe that international experience, especially in a culturally and professionally diverse country like the United States is an additional advantage for recruitment.

How US Education Can Improve Your Career Prospects:

Commitment to excellence

One of the highlights of studying in US is its reputation of academic excellence. US degrees are valued by employers around the world due to the high quality education imparted and expert faculty. In the 2016 Academic Ranking of World Universities, 50 US universities were listed in the top 100 universities worldwide.

More academic choices

You name the area of specialization and the US universities have it. From the huge choice of elective courses in STEM subjects or others, you can tailor your course to suit your interests and strengths. You will be gaining skills in your area of interest for competing in the global workplace. In US, you can change your ‘major’ after one semester, if required.

The leading edge

United States is one of the leading countries in technology and research. While studying there, you will meet and get guidance from leading scholars in your chosen industry. You will return home changed, with knowledge that can help you get the best jobs in the industry.

Improved contacts, worldwide

Studying in US, especially in top universities and colleges give you the opportunity to expand your social and professional network during your studies and internship. It is hugely advantageous to have many peers and acquaintances in various roles in different countries.

Career preparation

At US universities, there are many opportunities for you to gain practical experience during your studies. Internship programs are often integrated into your program curriculum so that you get hands-on experience and build up your resume even before you graduate.

Cross-cultural competencies

As US is one of the leading destinations for international students, studying there will give you opportunities to interact with students from various parts of the world on a daily basis. These experiences shape your cultural awareness. While working in a global organization, you may simply be able to work effectively with people from different backgrounds.

Better adaptability & confidence

Being abroad means you need to take your own decisions and organize your life on your own.

You learn to adapt to new circumstances. As you may need to react differently to new challenges at work, such adaptability is a very important value for employers. The study abroad experience makes you more confident as you have independently lived your life in a foreign country.

So, studying in USA puts you in a better place compared to your competitors in the job market who do not have such experience to boast of.




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