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Description: The graves of those not having totems are found in clusters, or scattered on the mountain sides, or anywhere convenience dictates. The bones are put in a box with all the belongings of the deceased, and then deposited anywhere. The natives are exceedingly superstitious and jealous (1) in their care of the dead, and would sooner die than molest or steal from a grave. That tourists who are supposed to be civilized, refined, and Christianized should steal from them is a crime which should never be tolerated, as it was among the passengers of our steamer. (3) The natives have a belief that all bodies cremated turn into ravens, and that probably accounts (2) to them for the endless number of those birds in Alaska. Ravens are sacred birds to them, and are never molested in any way. There are other methods of disposing of the dead in different parts of Alaska. The bones are sometimes put in a canoe and raised high in the air on straddles; again, in trees above the reach of prowling animals, or set adrift in a discarded canoe.

1. The function of the fourth sentence (3) can be best described as:

2. After the eleven-year Interregnum in the late seventeenth century, the sole period in British history during which there was no monarchy, the Restoration of the crown implicitly served to _____ those who had supported the royalist cause.

3. The dean sternly warned the five undergraduates in his office that no more pranks defacing school property, that cost such an inordinate amount to clean up, would henceforth be tolerated. Nonetheless, his brief smile as they departed, subdued, belied his ------- tone, implying that he at least partly acknowledged their cleverness, even as he strove to enforce order.

Description: Evil or righteous acts recently committed will more acutely affect the present waking mind (4) than those enacted at a more remote period. In a similar way future disaster or success which is soon to occur will impress the dream mind (3) more vividly than those which are to transpire at a later date. But in the lives of all men there are past incidents which they will never forget, and which will never cease to fill their hearts with pride or remorse. So, too, in their distant future there are important events to transpire which are struggling through tumultuous infinitude to leave their ghastly or smiling impress upon the dream mind. If your mental states are passive you will receive the warnings. There are cases on record which show events have been forecast years ahead of their occurrence. We do not claim that this book will prove an interpreter of all dreams, or that the keys disclosed will open to you all the mysteries of the future, or even all those surrounding your own personality, but by studying the definitions and the plane (2) upon which they were written, you will be able, through the power of your own spirit, to interpret your own dreams. The combination of dream and dream influences are as infinite as the stars, or the combination of thought and number (1).

4. In the context in which it appears, the function of the phrase “thought and number” (1) is best described as:

5. Shakespeare’s play The Winter’s Tale contains a lengthy _____ scene depicting the rustic charms and interactions of shepherds, swains, and wenches celebrating the lusty spirit of spring.

6. Enforcing the policy’s convoluted regulations had grown so lax over the years, from apathy and confusion, that the company’s officials deemed the original policy obsolete and -------, and determined to excise it entirely.

7. Originally an ordinary and unknown corporal in the German army, the young Adolf Hitler rose to prominence partly due to his _____ oration, which struck an impassioned chord within the breasts of his disaffected hearers yearning for a noble cause to rouse the nation.

8. Svensson’s ____ in his work earned him few friends: his colleagues probably thought that he would be unwilling to overlook their foibles.

9. The entire division was baffled by the newly issued corporate manual ostensibly instructing them on the expected procedures, for the _____ document displayed a dearth of either lucidity or easily discernible priorities.

10. The politically explosive situation required diplomacy, and fortuitously, was _____ handled by Marjorie, a seasoned liaison between the feuding constituents.

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