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1. Endeavoring to restore an ancient work of art to its original luster, or to unearth treasures at an archaeological excavation site, will require _____ attention to minute detail, and inordinate patience.

2. Although the lecturer’s voice was _____ in nature, his subject matter was engrossing enough to sustain the students’ curiosity.

3. The politically explosive situation required diplomacy, and fortuitously, was _____ handled by Marjorie, a seasoned liaison between the feuding constituents.

4. His sternness was not often ------- by compassion, except on rare occasion, when the ------- of authoritativeness would falter and disclose a glimmer of the mischievous boy he had once been, decades ago.

5. Originally an ordinary and unknown corporal in the German army, the young Adolf Hitler rose to prominence partly due to his _____ oration, which struck an impassioned chord within the breasts of his disaffected hearers yearning for a noble cause to rouse the nation.

6. The actual ______ of Wilson's position was always ______ by his refusal to compromise after having initially agreed to negotiate a settlement.

7. The townspeople whispered that the elderly spinster had never married because she was overly ------- about men, but she herself felt that she had simply been too discerning to settle for someone unequal to the task of sharing her refined sensibilities.

8. Enforcing the policy’s convoluted regulations had grown so lax over the years, from apathy and confusion, that the company’s officials deemed the original policy obsolete and -------, and determined to excise it entirely.

9. Despite her serene demeanor, Yvonne was privately quite unscrupulous and calculating: she preferred to hire employees who had a bit of insecurity or emotional neediness, so that they would prove more _____ to her agenda.

10. The speaker struck his audience initially as remarkably learned in a wide array of areas, but upon more careful analysis, his claims devolved into mere bravura, revealing him to be an overly confident _____.

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