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1. After the eleven-year Interregnum in the late seventeenth century, the sole period in British history during which there was no monarchy, the Restoration of the crown implicitly served to _____ those who had supported the royalist cause.

2. The speaker struck his audience initially as remarkably learned in a wide array of areas, but upon more careful analysis, his claims devolved into mere bravura, revealing him to be an overly confident _____.

3. Contradictory as it may seem, charismatic leaders of controversial groups, such as Terry Jones, the Florida pastor who publicly proclaimed that he would burn the Q'uran, can inspire sectors of their society to both ------- and ------- them in equal measure.

4. It is highly characteristic of business ________ attitude that little or no interest is evinced in undertaking an urban renewal project until a similar undertaking elsewhere proves that such a project can be profitable.

5. Under ethical guidelines recently adopted by the National Institutes of Health, human genes are to be manipulated only to correct diseases for which ______ treatments are unsatisfactory.

Description: Apart from the question of consanguinity, the principle which should govern all marriages is that of sexual selection, which should have reference, however, not merely to physical characters, but also to mental and moral characteristics. In applying this principle, it must be remembered that while man, like the male of all animals, does the courting, woman, like all females, makes the selection; at least this is the general rule among the most cultured peoples. Thus it is evident that woman possesses the power of largely influencing the improvement of the human race, and in this fact we may see the possibility of this being effected by the operation of general social causes (1). If all women could be induced to combine for that end they could probably bring about the desired improvement by their own efforts.

6. The passage suggests which of the following factors can potentially contribute to the improvement of the human race?

7. Knights who might be desirous of ------- a dragon must practice approaching any foe in a doughty, ------- fashion.

Description: Australia has suffered (6) greatly from phrase-makers (8). There is still much popular belief that our trees are shadeless, our rivers are waterless, our flowers are scentless, our birds are songless. Oddities (3) in our flora and fauna (5) have attracted the notice of superficial observers (4), and a preference forepigrammatic perfection (1), rather than for truthful generalization (2), has produced (7) an abundance of neatly-expressed half-truths, which have been copied into popular literature, and even into school books.

8. The purpose of this passage is most likely to be:

9. She was not at all sure her new career would suit her, but her qualms were still sufficiently _____ that she resolved to forge ahead and try her best, addressing the inevitable pitfalls as they came.

Description: For near a hundred years, the territorial distribution of seats in the House had remained the same, while the centres of population had shifted along with those of trade and new industries. Great towns (3) were without representation, while boroughs without a single voter, still claimed, and had, a seat in Parliament. Such (1) districts, or "rotten boroughs," were owned and controlled by many of (2) the great landowners. Both Walpole and Newcastle resorted to the outright purchase of these seats, and when the time came King George did not shrink from doing the same thing. He went even further. All preferments of whatsoever sort were bestowed upon those who would do his bidding, and the business of bribery assumed such proportions that an office was opened at the Treasury for this purpose, from which twenty-five thousand pounds are said to have passed in a single day. Parliament had been for a long time only partially representative of the people; it now ceased to be so almost completely.

10. According to the passage, a rotten borough is best defined as:

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