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1. The right most non-zero digit of 302720 is

2. If a:b=2:3 and b:c=4:5, what is a:b:c?

3. John and Jane started solving a quadratic equation. John made a mistake while copying the constant term and got the roots as 5 and 9. Jane made a mistake in the coefficient of x and she got the roots as 12 and 4.What is the equation?

4. In how many ways can the seven letters A,B,C,D,E,F,G be arranged so that B and C may always occupy contiguous positions?

5. A,B and C can build a wall in 16,20 and 24 days respectively. In how long will A and B together build a similar wall off double the length if C helped them for half of each day?

6. What is the solution of nC4 < 3Cn ?

7. If x = (163 + 173 + 183 + 193), then x divided by 70 leaves remainder of

8. If S is 150% of T, then T is what percent of S+T?

9. Five numbers are in continued proportion. The product of the first and the fifth is 256, and the sum of the second and the fourth is 40. Find the numbers.

10. If n is a positive integer and 10n is a factor of m, what is the value of n? 1) m is the product of the first positive 40 numbers . 2) n > 8*m/40!

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