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1. The right most non-zero digit of 302720 is

2. Joe starts working on a job and works on it for 12 days and completes 40% of the work. To help him complete the work, he employs Steve and together they work for another 12 days and the work gets completed. How much more efficient is Joe than Steve?

3. What is the number of solutions of the equation 8(x2 - 2) = 16(x + 1)?

4. If P and Q are positive integers, and n is the decimal equivalent of P/Q, which of the following must make n a finite number? I) P = 49, Q = 256 II) Q = 32 III) P = 75, Q = 384

5. A,B and C can build a wall in 16,20 and 24 days respectively. In how long will A and B together build a similar wall off double the length if C helped them for half of each day?

6. If X = (3065 - 2965)/(3064 - 2964), then

7. A circular playground has an area of 616 sq meters. What time will take for a runner to run around the circular ground at the speed of 22 kmph?

8. What is the solution of nC4 < 3Cn ?

9. If the cost price of 12 pencils is equal to sale price of 10 pencils, then find the gain or loss as the percentage of Selling Price

10. The units digit in the expansion of [(999)^999]^999is?

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