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1. If S is 150% of T, then T is what percent of S+T?

2. A can do a piece of work in 16 days and B in 24 days. They take help of C and the three together finish the work in 6 days. If the total remuneration for the work is $40, find the amount B will receive in proportion to the work done.

3. A car leaves New York for Philadelphia which is 180 km away. At the same time car B leaves Philadelphia for New York. If car A travels at 60 kmph and car B travels at 30 kmph , where will the 2 cars meet?

4. m and n are positive integers. n can be divided by 8.If m = n +4, what is the greatest common divisor of m and n?

5. A circular playground has an area of 616 sq meters. What time will take for a runner to run around the circular ground at the speed of 22 kmph?

6. If x,y and z are odd integers which of the following is necessarily false?

7. The LCM of 68,170 and another number A is 2380 and HCF of the three numbers is 17, what is the smallest possible value of A

8. What is the minimum number of square marbles required to tile a floor of length 5 metres 78 cm and width 3 metres 74 cm?

9. A property dealer sells a house of 6,30,000 dollars and in the bargain makes a profit of 5%. Had he sold it for 5,00,000 dollars then what % of loss or gain he would have made?

10. What is the number of real solutions of x4 + 6x2 + 9 = 0?

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