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1. If P and Q are positive integers, and n is the decimal equivalent of P/Q, which of the following must make n a finite number? I) P = 49, Q = 256 II) Q = 32 III) P = 75, Q = 384

2. In a certain shop, which stocks four types of caps, there are 1/3 as many as red caps as blue and 1/2 as many green caps as red caps. There re equal numbers of green caps and yellow caps. If there are 42 blue caps, then what percent of the total caps in the shop are blue?

3. Rs.200 doubled in 5 years when compounded annually. How many more years will it take to get another Rs.400 compound interest?

4. If a:b=2:3 and b:c=4:5, what is a:b:c?

5. If S is 150% of T, then T is what percent of S+T?

6. A grocer has 400 pounds of coffee in stock, 20 percent of which is decaffeinated. If the grocer buys another 100 pounds of coffee of which 60 percent is decaffeinated, What percent, by weight, of the grocer’s stock of coffee is decaffeinated?

7. The average of 7 trustees in a committee is the same as it was 5 years ago, after a younger man replaced one of them. How much younger than the replaced trustee was he?

8. If x = (163 + 173 + 183 + 193), then x divided by 70 leaves remainder of

9. Sides of a triangle are in the ratio of 1/2 : 1/3 : 1/4. If the perimeter is 52 cm, then the length of the smallest side is

10. Construction of a road was entrusted to a civil engineer. He was to finish the work in 124 days for which he employed 120 workmen.Two-third of the work was completed in 64 days. How many workmen can be reduced now without any affect in the completion of the work on time?

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