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1. If function f(x) satisfies f (1-x) = f (2+x) for all x, which of the following can be true?

2. The units digit in the expansion of [(999)^999]^999is?

3. What is the number of solutions of the equation 8(x2 - 2) = 16(x + 1)?

4. A sum of money was invested at Si at a certain rate fro 4 years. Had it been invested at a 3% higher rate, it would have fetched $480 more. Find the principle.

5. What is the number of real solutions of x4 + 6x2 + 9 = 0?

6. m and n are positive integers. n can be divided by 8.If m = n +4, what is the greatest common divisor of m and n?

7. What is the solution of nC4 < 3Cn ?

8. If P and Q are positive integers, and n is the decimal equivalent of P/Q, which of the following must make n a finite number? I) P = 49, Q = 256 II) Q = 32 III) P = 75, Q = 384

9. A lady buys goods worth 200$ from a shop. (shopkeeper selling the goods with zero profit). The lady gives him $1000 note .The shopkeeper gets the change from the next shop and keeps 200 $ for himself and returns 800 $ to the lady .Later the shopkeeper of the next shop comes with the 1000 $ note saying duplicate note and takes his money back .How much LOSS did the first shopkeeper face?

10. Two vessels contain mixtures of milk and water. In the first vessel. the ratio of milk to water is 7:4 and in second vessel it is 9:7. In what ratio should these two mixtures be mixed so that the resultant mixture has milk and water in the ratio of 4:3.

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