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1. Despite the increasing number of people shopping online, Mecy’s executives are convinced that, just as one-third of travelers still prefer travel agents to self-service ticketing system, many people will still purchase in department store.

Description: College Board members strongly claimed that college athletes will never be paid for a salary to play for their schools. College athletes are easily awarded a scholarship worth $15,000 - $25,000 or more per year, plus a career after college that can be worth a million dollars over a lifetime. Additionally, the athletes receive all kinds of perks while they are in college, like staying at fancy hotels and being seen on national TV. It’s hard to put a price tag on all of that.

2. Which of the following, if true, most severely weakens the argument presented above?

3. His mother made great sacrifices to educate him, moving house on three occasions, and severing the thread on her loom's shuttle whenever Mencius neglected his lessons to make him understand the need to persevere.

4. Some veterinarians have been critical of the laboratory tests conducted by the Animal Husbandry board on the grounds that the amounts of suspected arsenic anti-microbials fed to animals far exceeds those that humans could consume

5. m is a three-digit positive integer. If two of the three digits are prime numbers and the product of the three digits is 56, what is the value of m? (1) m is even (2) The hundreds digit of m is 2

6. Some thinkers propound that one becomes conscious of existence through one's senses. It is sensations which make us conscious in the sense of personal feeling. Neither can conscious and physical state be the same, nor can they be really different. In the passge the last statement illustrates which of the following?

Description: John David Smith’s Black Soldiers in Blue is not the first excellent collection of essays on Black soldiers and their White officers in the Civil War, but it collectively probes the broad military, political, and social significance of black soldiers' armed service and concentrates more intensely on African American life during and after the conflict than most of its predecessors. Smith’s essays clearly expresses his thesis: loyalty, friendship, and respect among White officers and Black soldiers were fostered by the mutual dangers they faced in combat. Smith accurately describes the government’s discriminatory treatment of Black soldiers in pay, promotion, medical care, and job assignments, appropriately emphasizing the campaign by Black soldiers and their officers to get the opportunity to fight. That chance remained limited throughout the war by army policies that kept most Black units serving in rear-echelon assignments and working in labor battalions. Thus, while their combat death rate was only one-third that of White units, their mortality rate from disease, a major killer in his war, was twice as great. Despite these obstacles, the courage and effectiveness of several Black units in combat won increasing respect from initially skeptical or hostile White soldiers. In comparison, Joseph Glatthaar’s Forged in Battle, however, seems to exaggerate the prewar racism of the White men who became officers in Black regiments. “Prior to the war,” he writes of these men, “virtually all of them held powerful racial prejudices.” While perhaps true of those officers who joined Black units for promotion or other self-serving motives, this statement misrepresents the attitudes of the many abolitionists who became officers in Black regiments. Having spent years fighting against the race prejudice endemic in American society, they participated eagerly in this military experiment, which they hoped would help African Americans achieve freedom and postwar civil equality. By current standards of racial egalitarianism, these men’s paternalism toward African Americans was racist. But to call their feelings “powerful racial prejudices” is to indulge in generational chauvinism—to judge past eras by present standards

7. The passage mentions which of the following as an important theme that receives special emphasis in Smith’s book?

Description: Although almost all climate scientists agree that the earth is gradually warming,they have long been of two minds about the process of rapid climate shifts within larger periods of change.Some have speculated that the process works like a giant oven freezer,warming or cooling the whole planet at the same time .Others think that shifts occur on opposing schedules in the northern and southern hemispheres, like exaggerated seasons .recent research in Germany examining climate patterns in the southern hemisphere at the end of last ice age strengthens the idea that warming and cooling occurs at alternate times in the two hemispheres. A more definitive answer to this debate will allow scientists to better predict when and how quickly the next climate shift will happen

8. Choose the option that best summarizes the passage

Description: Survivors of a horrific motor accident were immediately examined by a team of doctors. When asked whether they could talk, all of them replied ‘No’. The doctors have attributed this phenomenon to post-traumatic stress, arguing that stress causes the subject to disassociate into separate parts, and the part that listens to the question is disassociated from the part that replies.

9. Which of the following challenges would most weaken the attempted explanation described above?

Description: Chimps and some other animals can make momentary use of natural objects, such as sticks or rocks, and learn how to use them for basic activities. Basing their judgment on the fact that different local populations of chimps use these objects in different manners, researchers have concluded that the chimps ability to use natural objects as tools are culturally acquired, rather than a genetically transmitted trait.

10. Which of the following, if true, would most strengthen the conclusion drawn by the researchers?

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