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1. What is the standard deviation (SD) of the four numbers p, q, r, s? (1) The sum of p, q, r and s is 16 (2) The sum of the squares of p, q, r and s is 208

2. What is the area of a circle C. (1) The diameter of the circle is 8 (2) The circumference of the circle is 8?

3. There are 120 saplings to be planted in an orchard. Ben and Sue working together without a break can complete the job in six hours. How long would it take Ben working alone to complete the job? Sue plants 3 saplings in the time it takes Ben to plant 2. Sue working alone would take 10 hours to do the job.

4. A grocer has 400 pounds of coffee in stock, 20 percent of which is decaffeinated. If the grocer buys another 100 pounds of coffee of which 60 percent is decaffeinated, What percent, by weight, of the grocer’s stock of coffee is decaffeinated?

5. The price of a t-shirt increased from $15 by 15% and then reduced by 30 cents. What was the net increase?

6. In a football match, the 'golden' team was trailing by 2 goals with 5 minutes remaining.Did the ''golden' team win the match ? (1) Glen, the 'golden' team striker, scored 3 goals in the last 5min of the match. (2) Silver team the other team in the match had scored a total of 3 goals in the match when 5min were remaining in the match

7. The arithmetic mean (average) of a set of 10 numbers is 10. Is the median value of the same set also equal to 10? Exactly half of the numbers are less than 10. The mode of the set of numbers is 10.

8. The last digit of 13345 is

9. What is the minimum number of square marbles required to tile a floor of length 5 metres 78 cm and width 3 metres 74 cm?

10. Square ABCD is to be drawn in the xy-plane such that the origin is one of vertices and the perimeter is 20. If all the rest three vertices have integer coordinates (x, y), how many different squares can be drawn?

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