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1. What is the area of isosceles triangle X? 1) The length of the side opposite the single largest angle in the triangle is 6cm 2) The perimeter of triangle X is 16cm

2. At least 200 employees at a certain company play football. If 5 percent of the employees at the company who play hockey also play football, do more employees at the company play hockey than football? 1) 20 employees at the company play both football and hockey 2) 15 percent of the employees at the company who play football also play hockey.

3. n = (xy)m. If x, y and m are positive integers, and x2+ y2= 29, then what is the unit's digit of n?

4. Sum of first 12 terms of a GP is equal to the sum of the first 14 terms in the same GP. Sum of the first 19 terms is 56, what is the third term in the GP?

5. There are four toys and they are of the same price. They worth $4.80. If the price for one is decreased by the fourth of the sum of other three toys, and two items of original price are added, then how much will six of them worth?

6. What is the minimum number of square marbles required to tile a floor of length 5 metres 78 cm and width 3 metres 74 cm?

7. A shampoo Manufacturer A developed a machine that can produce X million bottles of Shampoo bottles per hour. At the same time, a competitor B developed a rival machine that can produce Y million bottles per hour. Was the number of bottles produced per hour by Manufacturer A greater than three times the number of bottles produced by Manufacturer B. 1) On a per-hour basis, A produced 1 million more bottles than B. 2) B can produce between 400,000 and 1.4 million bottles per hour.

8. Four students were added to the dance class. Would the teacher be able to divide her students evenly into a dance team/s of 8? (1) If 12 students were added the teacher could put everyone in team of 8 without any leftovers (2) The number of students in the class is currently not divisible by 8

9. Mixture A is 20% oil and 80% material B by weight. If 2 more kilograms of oil are added to the 8 kilograms mixture A, how many kilograms of mixture A must be added to make a 70% material B in the new mixture?

10. What is the value of a2 - a2b + ab2 - b3 - 2ab(a - b), where a=1.01 and b=0.01?

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