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1. What must be the value of m so that the line -3x+4y-5 = 0 is perpendicular to the line 2mx-3y+4=0?

2. What is the area of a circle C. (1) The diameter of the circle is 8 (2) The circumference of the circle is 8?

3. What is the minimum number of square marbles required to tile a floor of length 5 metres 78 cm and width 3 metres 74 cm?

4. 6 workers should finish a job in 8 days. After 3 days came 4 workers join them. How many days do they need to finish the same job?

5. m and n are positive integers. n can be divided by 8.If m = n +4, what is the greatest common divisor of m and n?

6. B as a percentage of A is equal to A as a percentage of (A + B). Find B as a percentage of A.

7. Square ABCD is to be drawn in the xy-plane such that the origin is one of vertices and the perimeter is 20. If all the rest three vertices have integer coordinates (x, y), how many different squares can be drawn?

8. The number of employees in Xyz corp is a prime number and is less than 300.The ratio of the number of employees who are graduates and above, to that of employees who are not, can possibly be

9. What is the number of solutions of the equation 8(x2 - 2) = 16(x + 1)?

10. Bob is 12 years older than Peter. Six years ago Peter was twice younger than Bob. How old is Bob?

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