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1. The price of a t-shirt increased from $15 by 15% and then reduced by 30 cents. What was the net increase?

2. What is the area of a circle C. (1) The diameter of the circle is 8 (2) The circumference of the circle is 8?

3. Which of the following is the correct factorization of x4 = 4

4. n = (xy)m. If x, y and m are positive integers, and x2+ y2= 29, then what is the unit's digit of n?

5. What is the standard deviation (SD) of the four numbers p, q, r, s? (1) The sum of p, q, r and s is 16 (2) The sum of the squares of p, q, r and s is 208

6. IF a and b both different two digit numbers and a - b= 11x, is x an integer? (1) The tens digit and units digit of a are the same. (2) a + b is a multiple of 11

7. The average weight of students in a class is 35.If a student whose weight was 25 is absent from the class, the average of those present went up by 1. How many students are there in the class originally

8. A grocer has 400 pounds of coffee in stock, 20 percent of which is decaffeinated. If the grocer buys another 100 pounds of coffee of which 60 percent is decaffeinated, What percent, by weight, of the grocer’s stock of coffee is decaffeinated?

9. There are four toys and they are of the same price. They worth $4.80. If the price for one is decreased by the fourth of the sum of other three toys, and two items of original price are added, then how much will six of them worth?

10. Mixture A is 20% oil and 80% material B by weight. If 2 more kilograms of oil are added to the 8 kilograms mixture A, how many kilograms of mixture A must be added to make a 70% material B in the new mixture?

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