Career Options for an MBA from B-school in USA

Career Options for an MBA

Career options for an MBA from a top B-school in the US will earn you a plethora of opportunities. An MBA degree from a top-ranked US university ensures a secure career ahead and there are ample of options available that you can think of pursuing after graduation. Apart from being an entrepreneur an MBA has the ability to implement things that have been taught during their graduation and can make a successful life.

An MBA from a top B-school in USA means a career access to almost everything one can excel.

First thing that one can think of doing apart from doing a regular corporate job is to teach in a college or in a university. An MBA from a top B-school in the US will open up new options such as community teaching or becoming a mentor delivering lectures, workshops etc. Now that you have earned an MBA degree the right thing for you would be to enhance your skill sets in a domain you would like to pursue your career.

One of the best ways to keep your skills updated is to make sure that they are utilised properly without any break. Non-profit organizations can be a destination where you can find many requirements for skilled volunteers and board members.

Another way to make some extra bucks is taking up some freelancing assignments. You can develop some special skills and work as a consultant, mentor, coach, or take up contract jobs. This will not only ensure an income but will also give you an opportunity to experience yourself in multiple industries, types of organizations, and working styles while honing your talent.

Armed with an MBA degree from a top-ranked US university you can think of working abroad. This can be a fantastic way to learn new things while at work and experience a whole new culture.

In a country like the US, Rotary International is always looking for great members, speakers, and people who want to contribute. In case you are not happy with your Rotary, there are multiple member-driven civic organizations to join and get involved with. These options post your MBA will help develop your skills that would be required in your future career path.

Apart from these unconventional career paths, an MBA can think of regular career choices like jobs in marketing, advertising, finance, IT management that can be rewarding. For example an MBA in accounting can find jobs in private, public and other government organisations. Responsibilities may include managing accounts receivable or accounts payable, departments and transactions, tax preparation, financial tracking, or accounting consultancy. Job titles may include accountant, comptroller, accounting manager, or financial accounting consultant.

During MBA programmes a student is trained to develop their emotional intelligence, since that’s integral to career advancement. An MBA will teach students to construct their lives. Students are taught values around careers and work. You are trained to be a manager, it is important to understand how to manage people.

Career options are immense for an MBA graduate in the US provided one is inclined to do it in a focussed manner.

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